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Child abuse and child sexual abuse are difficult topics. If you would like to learn more about these issues, and the longer-term effect such experiences can have on children into their adulthoods, you may find the following resources useful.


Reading Material

by Jodi Picoult (fiction)

This story explores the conflict between the professional and personal life of an assistant district attorney when she discovers that her five-year-old son has been molested. It offers a glimpse at the legal proceedings involved in a child sexual abuse case.

by Jodi Picoult (fiction)

This story mainly explores the nature of organized religion and belief, and takes the reader behind the closely drawn curtains of America’s death penalty. It does, however, include a brief exploration of child sexual abuse and its often hidden nature.

by Toni Maguire (memoir)

In this memoir, the author relates her story of being sexually abused by her father starting from the age of six. She eventually finds the courage to tell her mother, but is ignored and silenced. She becomes pregnant by her father at fourteen but still finds neither sympathy nor support.

by Cathy Glass (memoir/biography)

Cathy Glass relates the story of a foster child who had been sexually abused. Jodie, a troubled eight-year old, was "the most disturbed and abused child Glass had ever taken care of," but eventually comes to trust Glass and disclose to her the experiences of her childhood with her natural/biological family.

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